About Us

Our policies

We support those who make an effort to learn Japanese with their own aims, ex. going up to higher education, working in Japan, want to be able to read Manga and Newspaper, watching films in Japanese and etc.

Therefore we require you to participate in lessons positively. As for anything you learn, you can't acquire anything with just waiting someone to feed you. We ask you to participate in the lessons. If you have something you don't understand, don't leave it without asking it. Feel free to ask it. We have a policy to be firm with those who is not willing to learn, don't attend classes and etc. and support as much as possible those who are willing to study Japanese.

So as to improve your Japanese skills, it is absolutely necessary for you to study not only in the classes but also at home. We give you assignments every day to review what you learnt at the lessons so your Japanese improve step by step.

We are always ready to accept you. We always hold teachers' meetings, think better ways and practice what we thought. Next, it is your turn. You participate positively in lessons and in other things in Japan as well. Then we create positive synergetic effect each other, and that makes your stay in Japan more enjoyable, fulfilling so your Japanese skills come to improve more.