Courses for those who live in Japan

We offer courses for those who lives in Japan.

The contents of the lessons are designed according to daily life settings you are familiar with, and we conduct the lessons with the goal of applying what you learnt in the lessons in real life. Therefore, the contents are very useful and valuable for those who come to Japan on trips. Besides that, for those who are busy, the lessons are held from twice a week.

Of course, you can attend the lessons everyday, we offer the course for you to learn Japanese step by step from basic level.

Perfectly suit to people who want to

learn Japanese and manners in daily life, communicate and chat with Japanese in various scenes, and make friends with Japanese, learn Japanese while travelling in Japan.

Perfectly suit to those who wants to get involved in Japanese life

Enrollment & course length

Anytime to enroll. (the head of the month preferable)

Available from one month.(available from one week for travelers)

Recommended courses
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Japanese for Daily Life Please take a look at the curriculum below.

Comprehensive Japanese / Intensive course More detail...

Private lesson is available! Please contact us for more information

Lesson time, Fee, Application and etc

Lesson time is various, AM class, PM class and Evening class, and the fees of the courses varies.
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Model curriculum

Goal To acquire Japanese conversation skills required in daily life settings.
To acquire Japanese manners in daily life.
Can-do / Contents
1 Greeting & self-introduction
Greeting expressions according to settings, self & other introduction, asking questions to others and etc.
2 Expressions related to numbers
Asking price, how to say the number of room, telephone and etc.
3 Expression of Time
Asking operating hours, talking about birthday and schedule and etc.
4 Where do you go?
Talking about where you go and travel, and etc.
5 Asking a favor
Order at restaurants, asking something to someone, and etc.
6 Riding on taxis, trains and buses
Conversation in taxi and stations, and etc.
7 Asking / Answering about places
What do you do when you are lost, and etc.
8 What do you do?
Talking about weekend's plan, what to eat, and etc.
9 Talking about "state" of something
Talking about the state of something using "adjectives".
10 Inviting, refusing, recommending & suggesting

Time, price and application

Group lessons

Morning classes: 9:00~12:40
Afternoon classes: 13:30~16:50

Private lessons

Time and period is adjusted according with the applicant's wishes.