Life in Japan

Necessary procedures & Living expenses

Resident card

After you get the Resident card at the port of entry or departure, you need to inform the residential place information to the ministry of Justice at the local offices with the Resident Card within 14 days after you decide the place of living.

National health insurance

The medical fee in Japan is expensive. National health insurance give you 70% discount on medical fee at the hospital. Our staff will support you the procedure. You will need to bring your passport or Resident card at the local offices.

Work permit

You can apply for work permit at the port of entry or departure for those who get the new immigrant or student visas. You can also fill in the work permit application with your passport and Resident card at the immigration.
Immigration Bureau of Japan Website

Part time job

Overseas students are able to work part time after they get a work permit. The hourly wage is different depending on areas, the average wage is ¥800 ~ ¥1,200. The students having a student visa are allowed to work up to 28 hours a week. If you work 28 hours every week, the monthly wage will be ¥89,600 ~ ¥134,400.
However, if your Japanese is not good enough to a certain extent, you will not be able to work part time of course. Students, especially those who study in a beginner's class are advised to concentrate on improving their Japanese language skills rather than to be too eager to find a part time job during the first 6 months. As a result, you can improve your Japanese fast and also get a job quickly.

1 month living cost simulation

This simulates the costs for oversea students in Japan for one month. Let's prepare for the Japan life well and have enjoyable time.

This simulation is just a tool to give you some idea. The actual living costs depend on students.

It costs pretty much money to start up life in Japan. You had better prepare approximately 300,000 JPY as a start up when you come to Japan.