Short-Term Japanese Course

For those with short-term visa & working holiday visa

For those who already stay in Japan with a visa, such as family visa, working holiday visa, sightseeing, etc

Admission Requirement

Applicant must have completed 12 years of school education. (The Japanese education system: completed Elementary, Junior High, High school or above.)

Tuition Fee

5,000 Yen per day. (*All included)

Study Classes

Various courses for various purposes. The class level is determined by the result of level-check test.

Lesson time is various, AM class, PM class and Evening class. 3 hours a day, 5 days a week (except public holoday).


School dormitory

30,000 Yen per Month per Person.
About 20 minutes from school by train.
20.63 square meters each room used by 3 people.
Internet connection, Gas, Electric and water is included.
If you want, we can introduce the other dormitories near school.

entrance fee 20,000 yen + futon 7,000 yen

Extracurricular Activity (optional)

Nagoya International Academy organizes extracurricular activities for our students to go out and try their in-class acquired Japanese.

Students can also participate in various activities organized by Nagoya International Academy.

If you would like to visit other sightseeing spots in Japan, we suggest you and explain the detail.

Time, price and application

Group lessons

Morning classes: 9:00~12:40
Afternoon classes: 13:30~16:50

Private lessons

Time and period is adjusted according with the applicant's wishes.