About Us

Principals Greeting

Nagoya International Academy Principal

Makiko Wang

Our aim is to cultivate precious human resources that can play an active role in the Japanese society, and bring in diversity and broaden the ways of thinking.
To do so, we believe It is vitally important to focus on the following:
Communication - accurate representation of your thoughts and feelings;
Compassion - ability to understand various situations from different people's point of view and comprehend other people's ways of thinking.
Keeping the above mentioned statements in mind, rather than solely relying on textbooks, our school focuses on teaching how to use the expressions learnt in real life situations. On top of that, the school finds it important to teach about proper manners used in the society, and strategies aimed at making communication skills better. While having in-class lessons, the school also incorporates extra-curricular activities into the curriculum which helps in using the studied material in real life. Moreover, there are in-class speech contests and debates in Japanese language. Through listening to classmates from other countries, students attain knowledge about different cultures and develop the "power of compassion" and communication skills which lead to further mutual understanding.
We would like all students in Nagoya International Academy to develop knowledge about culture and traditions different from their own, and in the future be able to create their unique path in the Japanese society.