About Us

Principals Greeting

Nagoya International Academy Principal

Izumi Hitoshi

Nagoya International Academy is located in the central part of Japan, the city of Nagoya. Economically Nagoya does not lose to big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. The history of the city is quite old, and we are proud that we are able to create a suitable environment here to master the beauty of Japanese language.

Nagoya International Academy's goal is to provide necessary knowledge to those, who chose to go further in life. Lessons are not limited to studying by textbooks, the school also teaches how to communicate, use proper manners and strategies to attain success in Japanese society.

Classes are divided by difficulty based on the students' level. For those who wish to proceed for higher education, the school conducts preparation lessons for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).

Nagoya International Academy supports you through all the studying process, helps in reaching your goals and making your dreams a reality. I hope to meet every one of you as often as possible to give you proper encouragement and guidance as the principal.