Business Japanese course

We offer the course for those who work in Japan and who wants to work in Japan. We focus on conversations in business settings, business manners, and business expression in this course. We hold sessions twice a week for busy people. Of course we can hold sessions every day. Besides that, the lessons are held in the evening as well. We are happy to accept applications from the cooperate.

Perfectly suit for those who wants to

learn business Japanese and manners properly, learn how to write business letters(e-mails), learn proper expressions in various business settings, ex. Expressions on presentations, phone calls, greetings and etc.

Perfectly suit to those who want to work or are working in Japan.

Enrollment & Course length

Anytime to join, (preferable at the head of the month)

Available from one month

Private lessons and applications from the cooperate available

Lesson time & Fees

The lessons are usually held in the evening and twice a week.
Please contact us for further details.

4,500 yen per one 90 minute lesson.

If you'd like to attend other lesson time, please contact us.

Model curriculum

To acquire business Japanese skills required at Japanese companies
To acquire business manners & basic business skills
Lesson time & date
Twice a week (Wednesday & Thursday) 19:00 - 20:30
The number of lessons
One month course (8 lessons)
Three month course (24 lessons)
Honorific expressions/ The concept of "inside" & "outside"
/Self-introduction, asking questions to others, exchanging name cards, and etc.
Humble expressions/
Self-introduction & introducing your company, Manners in the setting of visiting a company, and etc.
Reviewing honorific & humble expressions/
Manners in phone call (Reviewing the concept of "inside" & "outside")
Get an appointment on phone, Reviewing manners in the setting of visiting a company, and etc.
Season's greeting, other manners/
in taxis, restaurants, elevators, and etc.
Writing e-mails/
In-house documents, External documents, and etc.
The difference of Japanese expressions by aeras/
Dialect and etc.
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Conference & meeting/
Proceeding and etc.