Life in Japan

Schedule for a day

Going to school

Before the class starts, you can still ask what you don't understand to teachers.


First session starts.

You learn Japanese in balance, pronounciation, grammars, vocabulary, conversation, and etc.
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Break time

You can chat with students in other classes, talk to teachers on what you are worried about.


Second session starts.

Train your Japanese lesson by lesson and improve your Japanese skills.


Class finished and Lunch time

There is a lot of restaurants, convenience stores, fast-food restaurants and various shops. Some of our students bring their own lunch boxes. The students who don't want to attend the courses to prepare for the university can go back home.
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University admission measure class

We offer optional lessons for those who want to continue studying in university or colleges. You can take this optional classes for JLPT and EJU. The subjects of EJU are Japanese, mathematics, Japan and the world, and Science.


Time to go home

Some of our students go home and some stay and study Japanese.


At home

Our students spend their time as they want to, cooking, shopping, chatting on internet, and etc. Don't forget doing homework!


Time to sleep

See you tomorrow.
Have a sweet dream!