About Us

Our teaching policy

We are not limited to text books

The materials used in lessons are decided on depending on what students want. But the text books are used as referrals for vocabularies, grammars, expressions and etc. to be offered in the lessons. So as to apply & expand learning items into various and practical settings, teachers offer worksheets, task sheets and other materials, and you have chances to practice your Japanese in real life situations through practical lessons.

Japanese as a communication tool

Language is not a knowledge, but a communication tool. We not only give you lessons but also require you to participate in lessons positively. The knowledge of Japanese in your brain is worthless if you can't speak, hear, write or read them. Therefore we always conduct lessons, keeping in mind that communication is to express something to somebody and to comprehend what somebody express. Items (vocabulary, grammar, expressions and so on) are offered in lessons with their usages of them and the settings where they are used.

Manners and Strategy

But it is not enough for you to acquire only Japanese skills to communicate in Japanese. You need to know manners and strategy as well in various settings. You acquire them through the lessons and you come to be able to communicate in Japanese more naturally.

Meet to demands and interests of students

We accept students from all over the world whatever their various purposes and interests. So as to check whether or not our lessons meet and satisfy their demands and interests, we have interviews with each student regularly.

Certified & Qualified teachers

All of our teachers are certified and qualified by authorized organizations. They always train themselves to improve their teaching skills.